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Zanzibar Uroa Village Tour – Full Day

Coming from Stone Town, the more modest-looking houses in the villages may strike the visitor as rather poor. The style of their building is typically African and in its simplicity gives vivid symbolic testimony to the truism that there is nothing we can keep and hold on to for ourselves, because we, as everything in nature, are part of nature.
We will begin our tour of Uroa village with a visit to one of the village houses. The landlady will welcome our guests with a cup of Zanzibari coffee, which will be drunk while sitting on the Baraza in front of the house, in typical Zanzibari manner. We will leave our shoes at the house entrance then and see the rooms of the house – the parents’ bedroom, the children’s rooms, the kitchen, the room for the dead… Your guide will translate the landlady’s explanations and, himself being a Zanzibari, add from his own rich knowledge of his culture.

Daily life of a fishing village

We continue our tour by visiting the local Koran school, the seaweed farming women, a local dhow carpenter, as well as the casuarina tree nursery. Then we proceed to the fish market, where a daily auction takes place. From far away we can see the fishermen arrive with their boats, while the fish brought in by earlier arrivals is already being auctioned. Our guests will participate in the fish auction and, with their guide’s help, bid for the fish they would like to have for their lunch. The fish will then be prepared in typical Zanzibari manner, on a charcoal fire, with typical Zanzibari spices, in front of our clients. Lunch will be around 15:00 hrs. After that, we return to the hotel (approx. 16.30).

Please note that the fish market and the Koran school are closed on Fridays.