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Zanzibar Safari Blue

Safari Blue starts from the fishing village of Fumba, 30 minutes’ drive south-west of Stone Town. After a short briefing (including a demonstration of life jackets), we board a Dhow and set off to explore Menai Bay. The dhows are hand built from African mahogany, finished and maintained to the very highest standards. Menai Bay has been officially designated a conservation area since 1998. There are a number of uninhabited islands and sandbanks, and the bay is frequented by Humpback and Bottle Nose Dolphins. During August and September, there is also a small possibility that you will encounter whales on the way.

Sandbank in the Indian Ocean

The most stunning natural creations are the two pristine sandbanks of soft white sand which rise out of the turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean. In the morning we set down on one of the beautiful sandbanks where one can relax, swim or snorkel. There are plenty of good quality snorkeling equipment and the experienced snorkeling guides will show you the pristine coral reef, which teems with tropical sea life. Instruction is also available for beginners, fresh coconuts and local snacks are available throughout the day. After snorkeling we go to a nearby island where we have our “desert island” restaurant with of course fresh sea fruits. The rest of the afternoon we spend again swimming and relaxing. The sandbanks have been described by many clients as the most idyllic places in the world. As Safari Blue comes to an end and we return to Fumba by traditional lanteen sail, the full splendor of the African sunset reveals itself