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The Zanzibar Experience

Whether you arrive in a big Boeing from your home country or with a 13-seater bush plane from the Serengeti, your first sight of Zanzibar will always be within you. Diving down through the clear sky, the blue waters of the Indian Ocean come closer and closer. The tiny white spots scattered on the water transform themselves into the strong sails of the century old dhows, the original wooden fishing boats.

Wonderfully coloured turquoise patches turn up as swallow sand banks where one day, with low tide, you might enjoy a fresh seafood lunch. And then the first sight of the marvelous green of the famous spice island. Kilometers and kilometers of lush vegetation, waving palm trees and healthy farm lands surrounded by the snow white beaches. This will be your home for the next few days…

An African welcome

And now the adventure starts… Stepping out of the doors into the African air you’ll notice some very different sensations. The hot air, the warm wind, the wilderness of the surrounding bush, and that special smell. A mixture of salt, spices, pure nature… Welcome in Zanzibar! The relatively small airport is still run in the old fashioned way, let’s say also part of the adventure! A walk to the arrival hall, cueing for the visa desks, a bit of confusion because you’re out of the western system now, and then waiting for your luggage which will be manually handed over. After a possible check of the contents of your suitcase you can leave this hustle and bustle and step out in shining sun under a blue sky.

Lots of people waving at you with sign boards and papers will be greeting you. No panic, just look for SUPERGAME SAFARIS, and the big smiles of your driver and guide. In the air-conditioned minivan, you finally get your award for passing African customs: a cold drink and a cool face towel to refresh yourself (expect to do that more during your stay!).

Stone Town

Your holiday can begin. A short drive will take you to your accommodation in the island’s capital, the Unesco Heritage Site, multicultural Stone Town. Or, if you go directly to your beach resort, it is normally a relaxing tour between 30 and 45 minutes through villages and farmlands. On the way, your guide will explain your program, give you some general information and answer all the questions you have. Once in your hotel with a fresh juice in your hand, relax and let pamper yourself.