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Discover iconic Kenya Destinations Tsavo West National Park

Area: 9,065 km²
Established: 1948
Location: Kenya
How to get there:
Distance: 240 km from Nairobi, 250km from Mombasa (MtitoAndei Gate). There are 3 airstrips in the park. Gates: Tsavo, Lake Jipe, MtitoAndei (Kamboyo HQ), Chyulu, Maktau and Ziwani. By Roads: The main access to the routes are through Chyulu Gate from Amboseli and MtitoAndei Gate from Nairobi.

What to do in Tsavo West National Park: Game drives, bush walks, caving, rock climbing (with special permission)

Tsavo West National Park is located at the Coast Province of Kenya. The park covers an area of 9,065 Km2. The A109 road of Nairobi-Mombasa and a railway station divide it from the adjoining Tsavo East National Park. Together with connecting ranches and protected areas, they comprise of the Tsavo Conservation Area. Tsavo West is much more widespread destination on account of its splendid scenery, Mzima Springs, rich and mixed wildlife, good road system, rhino reserve, rock climbing potential and guided walks along the Tsavo River.

This park is operated by Kenya Wildlife Service. Tsavo West National Park has a massive variety of wildlife, such as eastern black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, Cape buffalo, elephant, leopard and lion. There are also other smaller animals which can be spotted in the park, such as the bushbaby, hartebeest, lesser kudu and Masai giraffe.

The rock-climbing is one of the best in Kenya, solid gneiss walls are often covered on holds and vegetation free. Cracks and corners flourish, but tend to be more vegetated. The most impressive piece of rock it is, the 300m high east face of Kichwa Tembo, attracted the first explorers and resulted in the ascent of Great Tsavo Chimney. Mastodon took three visits before it was completed. A more recent activity, Ivory Tower of Elephant Rocks, ranks with the best and hardest bush climb in Kenya. The setting for climbers is superb with elephant roaming on the plains below the cliffs and eagles, vultures and falcons circling on currents around the crags and the Kilimanjaro is clearly visible on a clear weather day.


The permit of the MCK has to be with climber to climb here, and to camp by the Tsavo River, is a special privilege and every effort must be made not carelessly.

The Major difference between Tsavo East and West is Slightly larger and less accessed, Tsavo East is a marginally better choice than the western side, but both offer great scenery and, as the dense bush dries back in the winter months when a very good view of Game can be seen and birding that is next only to Naivasha.