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Mount Kilimanjaro hiking packing list | Super Game Tanzania Tours & Safaris

Mount Kilimanjaro hiking packing list | Super Game Tanzania Tours & Safaris
Mount Kilimanjaro hiking packing list | Super Game Tanzania Tours & Safaris

 Kilimanjaro packing list is the guideline of all gears that you need to pack for your Kilimanjaro trek. We have stores in Arusha where you can hire some items but please let us know in advance. This recommended packing list can make your shopping and packing easier if you print it out & tick at the box once you pack a specific item.

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Baggage and Sleeping Kit

  • Large Rucksack or Holdall, 70-90 litres capacity (for kit carried by porter)
  • Daysack, 25-35 litres (for personal use on mountain; ready-access items)
  • Sleeping bag (minus 10 degrees Centigrade rating or colder)
  • Waterproof rucksack liner
  • Elasticated waterproof rucksack cover
  • NB: sleeping mattresses are not required as we provide these for you.


  • Sweat-wicking T-shirts / vests
  • Fleece (Polartec 300 grading or similar)
  • Insulated down jacket or similar
  • Down mittens or similar, and lightweight gloves for non-summit days
  • Thermal Long-Johns or compression tights for summit night
  • Lightweight walking trousers (avoid jeans or heavy cotton as they chafe and dry slowly)
  • Underwear (lycra shorts and / or briefs are usually better than boxer shorts which gather and chafe)
  • Very good quality hiking socks and thin liner socks. (We advise that socks should be at least a size too small otherwise they stretch and bunch causing blisters)
  • Breathable lightweight waterproofs (jacket and trousers).
  • Waterproof walking boots, sturdy and worn-in. A Gore-Tex membrane or similar is advised. While Alpine or C3 boots are not required for Kilimanjaro it is important that your boots have good ankle and arch support and good deep read patterns.
  • Calf gaiters
  • Balaclava
  • Goretex Mountain Cap or Woollen Hat
  • Wide brimmed sun hat to protect face, ears and neck

Hygiene Related Gear

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Deodorant
  • Lightweight travel towel
  • Flat packed Wet Ones, or travel wipes, for personal hygiene on the mountain
  • Kleenex tissues in plastic travel pouches or toilet paper
  • Hairbrush /  comb
  • Sanitary products
  • Lip salve with UV protection
  • Vaseline, to prevent chafing skin and heel friction blisters

Health Related Items

  • Malaria Tablets (if you choose to take these). Most will seek advice from their GP. Note that some anti-malarial courses need to commence several weeks before departure.
  • Factor 30+ sun cream
  • Sun barrier cream white / blue for nose and ears

Documents Needed

Passport (with additional 6 months’ validity after proposed expedition return date)

  • Tanzanian Entry Visa. (If flying to Nairobi and taking the bus to Arusha Kenyan visas can be bought on arrival at Nairobi airport.)
  • Air Travel Documents
  • Cash in US dollars (tipping allowance and to exchange locally for purchases, taxis, meals in Arusha, etc)
  • Credit Card (recommended for eventualities only)
  • Travel Insurance Documents (to cover trekking to 6,000m altitude)
  • Vaccination Certificates (Yellow Fever, if visiting a ‘risk zone’ prior to entering Tanzania)

Your can as well hire camping equipment from Super Game Tanzania at the below prices. Please note that prices are subject to change – inquire with us.

Best price equipment is per trip

1 Day Pack $15
1 Torch $15
1 Mountain Boot $20
1 Sun Glass &Sun Black $5
1 Wool Hat/Balaclava $5
1 Wool Socks $5
1 Warm Trouser $20
1 Sleeping Bag $30
1 Liter Warm Bottle $10
1 Long inner Wear $10
1 Getters $10
1 Rain Coat $15
1 Rain Trousers $15
1 Walking sticks $10
1 Gloves $5
1 Warm Jacket $20
1 Pullover/Sweater $15
1 Ice-Axe $10
1 Crumples $20
1 Scarf $5
1 Poncho for Rain $15
1 Tent $20 per day
1 Carry Mattress $20
1 Duffer Bag $10
1 Camera $30
1 Compass Direction $30
1 Binocular $20
1 Big Rack Sack 30
1 Warm Jacket 20

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