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Discover iconic Kenya Destinations Lake Navisha National Park

Area: 140km2
Established: 1995
Location: Rift Valley, Kenya
How to get there: It takes approximately 1h 42m to get from Nairobi to the Lake Naivasha. The distance between Nairobi and the Lake Naivasha is 77 km. The fastest way to get from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha is to Matatu (BUS)which takes 1h 42m.
What to do there: Horseback Riding Safari, Crescent Island Game Sanctuary, Hike Mountain, Bird Watching, Boat Cruise, Game Viewing, etc.


Lake Naivasha National Park was established on 10th April 1995, on a surface area of 140 km2 and surrounded by stunning swamp area which covers an area of 64 km2 that provides a great sight-seeing of bird life. The larger part of the park is covered by the fresh water lake which is not very deep but seasonal. The water level of the lake tends to increase during the rainy season and decreases during the dry season. Lake Naivasha national park is located in the Northwest side of Nairobi along the great Rift Valley region. Interestingly it sounds as one of the best birding Kenya tourism destinations with more than 400 unique different bird species which can be spotted along the shores of the lake and it is a place with high populations of hippos, Lake Naivasha national park is closer to Hell’s gate national park.

Lake Naivasha National Park is an ideal destination to enjoy Nairobi city life for a fresh new environment. Since it is approximately 1:42 hour drive from Kenya capital city “Nairobi’’ with spectacular view of the beautiful Rift Valley escarpment. One can decide to relax for two days’ safari adventure at Lake Naivasha national park. Lake Naivasha National Park is high-altitude, freshwater lake with its sterling blue waters hosts hippo and many other aquatic lives. You can take a water safari too and enjoy the pleasure of rich birdlife of cormorant and pelican while zebra and antelope graze nearby on the shore.

The lake also serves as a life-giving watering dump for buffalo, eland, impala and waterbuck so be ready for lots of active game viewing here. And it’s not impossible to come upon a leopard during a game drive so you can enjoy both at the same time.