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Application Process for Kenya Visa

Applicants can apply for Kenya Visa online. Embassy of the Republic of Kenya has an official website having the application form on the website. The applicant needs to fill the application form online and then show it to the Kenyan Embassy present in Applicants country too.

Fill up the application. The applicant has to follow all the instructions and fill up the correct necessary information. The form asks for personal details like name, age, gender, address, and contact details. Other than the personal information there are fields like the purpose of visit, type of visa, too after filling it, the documents will be submitted. The applicant must make sure he/she fills up all the mandatory details; otherwise, the form will get rejected.

Payment method:

After filling up the application form next step is to choose a payment method for the fees, whether you want to pay the fees online or by demand drafts or cheque. Choosing the online mode, will require the applicant to fill up his/her bank details.

Confirmation email:

Once the payment is accepted the applicant will receive a confirmation email. After all the process is completed, Kenya eVisa (the soft copy of visa) will be sent to the applicant through email. The applicant needs to attach a copy of the Kenya eVisa with the other documents those will be submitted to the authorities. The eVisa is issued electronically. The applicant needs to carry &show the print out of the Kenya eVisa at the airport, after checking all the details the applicant’s passport will be stamped with a seal.

Types of Kenya Visa:

Single Entry Visa for Kenya

Only Single-Entry Visa is allowed to travellers who wish to stay in Kenya for a short period. Single Entry Visa can be used only once. Foreigner who travels to Kenya for tourism purpose or business purpose or medical purpose. The applicant has to mention the purpose of his visit. Kenya tourist visa and Kenya work visa are the single-entry visas. The applicant has to specify the purpose of visit whether it for tourism purpose or work purpose.

Multiple Entry Visa for Kenya

Multiple entry visas are for the travellers who need to travel to Kenya regularly. Business people are entitled to Multiple Entry Visa.

Transit Visa for Kenya

Transit Visa is a temporary visa that is given to traveller when he/she needs to halt at Kenya to reach his/her destination. Transit Visa is a single use visa. Transit Visa is valid for at three days only.

Diplomatic Visa for Kenya

Diplomatic Visa is granted to diplomates. Diplomates are the foreign citizens who have a diplomatic passport and needs to travel to Kenya to perform his/her official duties.

Documents Required:
An application of Ordinary Visa should require the following documents:

Interesting Facts About Kenya

Capital City


International Airport

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport


Kenyan shilling


5.38 crores