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Few destinations in Africa can rival Tanzania’s diversity of wildlife, cultures and landscapes. From the classic savannah destinations of the SerengetiTarangire and Ngorongoro Crater to the beaches and coral reefs of Zanzibar and the tropical coast, a Tanzania safari holiday delivers one massive experience after another. And that’s before you discover the off-the-beaten-track experiences such as chimpanzee trekking in the magisterial rainforests of Mahale and Gombe or game viewing in the super-remote Selous Game Reserve.
Even fewer destinations however can offer an experience to match the Serengeti Migration. Forming the centerpiece of most Tanzania safaris, the migration is regarded as Nature at her most extravagant and involves hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelope running the gauntlet of predators as they migrate around the Masai Mara/Serengeti ecosystem. Read More..


Whether you arrive in a big Boeing from your home country or with a 13-seater bush plane from the Serengeti, your first sight of Zanzibar will always be within you. Diving down through the clear sky, the blue waters of the Indian Ocean come closer and closer. The tiny white spots scattered on the water transform themselves into the strong sails of the century old dhows, the original wooden fishing boats.
Wonderfully coloured turquoise patches turn up as swallow sand banks where one day, with low tide, you might enjoy a fresh seafood lunch. And then the first sight of the marvelous green of the famous spice island. Kilometers and kilometers of lush vegetation, waving palm trees and healthy farm lands surrounded by the snow white beaches. This will be your home for the next few day. Read More..


Lions and leopards are just part of the landscape in Kenya, East Africa’s favourite safari destination. More than 40 national parks and nature reserves are scattered between Lake Victoria and the India Ocean, covering every imaginable landscape and featuring just about every animal in Africa: from aardvarks to zebras.
As you might expect, wildlife safaris are the lifeblood of Kenyan tourism, and the infrastructure for travellers is impressive. Jeeps, buses and light aircraft fan out daily across the country to safari lodges and tented camps, some simple and rustic, others lavish and opulent. Refreshingly, you can enjoy close encounters with nature even on a budget, with walking safaris run by tribal guides and economic tented camps that scrimp on creature comforts, but not on creatures.


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