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The heart of Zanzibar Town, Stone Town, was constructed during the 19th century and remains largely unchanged. Labyrinths of narrow alleys lead to palaces, mosques and old Arab houses; tiny shops sell dotted tinga-tinga paintings, Zanzibari clocks and heavily adorned chests. The early-morning market on Creek Road is fabulous, as determined Zanzibaris haggle over fragrant spices, exotic fruit and enormous fish.

Stone Town is an easy place to explore on foot; you never need to travel by vehicle. We find that a one- or two-night stay here is perfect, preferably starting your Zanzibar holiday. Note that Stone Town can be noisy and there are few places where we can guarantee silence; frequent calls to prayer from the mosques, along with the hustle and bustle of town, are part of everyday life here. It’s a lively, vibrant atmosphere, but don’t expect peace and quiet.

Of the many options for staying in Stone Town, ranging from basic hostels to authentic old merchant’s houses converted in boutique hotels, we’ve chosen a few of the best for you to consider.


  • Garden Lodge
  • Kiponda B&B
  • Clove Hotel


  • Tembo House Hotel
  • Dhow Palace Hotel
  • Zanzibar Grand Palace
  • Africa House Hotel
  • Zanzibar Coffee Lodge
  • Mtoni Marine (just outside town)

STONE TOWN 4-5*****

  • Zanzibar Serena Inn
  • 236 Hurumzi Hotel
  • The Seyyida
  • Kisiwa House
  • Chavda Hotel
  • Zanzibar Palace Hotel


Two or three hours’ drive from Stone Town, the village of Nungwi has traditionally been the center of Zanzibar’s dhow-building industry. Over the last decades however, the coastline here has turned it into one of Zanzibar’s most attractive beach areas famous for its chilled-out party atmosphere. The Northern tip of Zanzibar is special. Unlike the East and West coastlines, the top island location is blessed by not having to deal with high and low tides. This makes Nungwi a perfect place if you are looking to swim around the clock without have to walk too far out to the ocean. Adjacent to Nungwi, within walking distance, is Kendwa. It’s a little more laid back and a little less happening than Nungwi, which makes it a premiere place to lazy around.

The days are passed by relaxing on the beach, taking dips in the perfectly turquoise water and catching shade under a banda (small shade hut). When the sun begins to set, there’s always a friendly game of beach volleyball or football amongst whoever happens to be there at the time.


  • Nungwi Inn


  • Amaan Bungalows
  • Langi Langi beach Bungalows
  • Flame Tree Cottages
  • Mnarani Beach Cottages

 4-5***** HOTELS

  • Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa
  • The Z Hotel
  • Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel
  • Essque Zalu Zanzibar
  • The Zanzibari
  • Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa
  • Diamonds La Gemma Dell’Est
  • Diamonds Star of the East
  • Double Tree by Hilton


The east coast of Zanzibar is lined with powder-white beaches which look out towards a long barrier reef, about a kilometer offshore. Inland there’s a coastal strip of coconut palms within which there are small villages and a variety of places to stay.The beaches found on the East Coast of Zanzibar are stunning, combined with the charming fishing villages, where the locals live a simple life, many times without electricity. The main form of income along the quiet East Coast is fishing and selling dried seaweed. Many locals welcome travellers into their homes, offering an unusual way of exploring Zanzibar.

Lodges here generally have more space than those in the Nungwi area. But you have to be aware of the tides. The beaches here slope very little, which means that when the tide is out, the water retreats a long way and swimming from the beach is difficult. During low tide however, the landscape of thousands of different colours, spotted by the fishing men looking for shell fish and the women walking through their sea weed gardens, are most impressive. With good shoes you can walk for hours!The East Coast is a perfect place for diving and snorkelingwith several centers offering trips and kite-surfing lessons.


  • Pwani Silver Sand Beach Hotel


  • Shooting Star Inn
  • Matemwe Beach

4-5***** HOTELS

  • Kasha Boutique Hotel
  • Blue Bay Beach Resort and Spa
  • Sultan Sand Hotel
  • Ocean Paradise
  • Matemwe Lodge
  • Azanzi Beach Hotel
  • Next Paradise Boutique Resort
  • Green and Blue Boutique Lodge
  • Sandies Mapenzi Beach Club
  • Sandies Neptune Pwani Beach
  • Diamonds Dreams of Zanzibar


In the southeast corner of Zanzibar, the Michamvi Peninsula and south-east Zanzibar is very similar in character to the east coast which stretches north of Chwaka Bay. It has the same powder-white stunning beaches, barrier reef, palm trees and significant tidal change.

In fact, that area south of the peninsula, around Paje, Bwejuu and Jambiani, used to be the busiest part of Zanzibar’s beach scene, especially for backpackers. But in recent years budget travellers have moved more to northern Zanzibar, around Nungwi and Kendwa, leaving this south-east stretch relatively quiet, spotted with chill-out, low-impact beach retreats.

Meanwhile on the 10km-long Michamvi Peninsula’s, there are just a handful of high-quality beach resorts; so come here for the pristine, palm-fringed beaches, good diving opportunities and plenty of space.


  • Nuru Beach Resort


  • Uroa Bay Beach Resort
  • Ras Michamvi Beach Resort
  • Casa del Mar Hotel
  • Ngalawa Beach Resort
  • Ndame Beach Lodge
  • Arabian Nights Hotel

4- 5*****:

  • Anna of Zanzibar
  • Breezes Beach Club
  • Sultan Palace Hotel
  • The Palms Zanzibar
  • Konokono Hotel
  • Michamvi Sunset Bay
  • Spice Island Hotel & Resort
  • Baraza Resort & Spa


Kizimkazi is the destination for most tourists wishing to stay on the Southern tip of Unguja. It was once the capital when the island was under the power of the pre-Omani Wawinyi Wakuu and is considered to be the oldest habitation on the island. Kizimkazi is most loved by tourists for its dolphin tours. For those in search of a cultural experience Kizimkazi is where East Africa’s oldest mosque can be found, which, unlike any other, non-Muslims can visit.

There are a number of lodges and restaurants in the area as it is popular among day-trippers. This means it is not as secluded as one might expect, but it does mean there is choice for dining and drinking. However please be aware of the limited swimming possibilities. On this southern tip of the island the beaches are hugely tidal and at high-tide there is no beach (especially at Kizimkazi Mkunguni/Mtendeni).


  • L’Oasis Beach Hotel


  • Swahili Beach Resort

4- 5*****:

  • Unguja Lodge
  • The Residence Zanzibar


The West Coast of Zanzibar is home to spectacular white beaches splashed with the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean offering travellers the ideal spot to unwind and soak up the sun after a day of busy sightseeing. The beaches are paradise, dotted with lovely little fishing villages. Around the hour swimming is available here, as there are no such tide changes as at the east coast.

South of Stone Town airport is the Fumba Peninsula. It’s probably the most relaxed and friendly corner of the island. Until recently it has really only been used as venue for short few day-trips, for example the Blue Day or explorations of the conservation area of Menai.


  • Mangrove Lodge


  • Mbweni Ruins Hotel
  • The Island Beach Getaway

4- 5*****:

  • Fumba Lodge
  • Sea Cliff Resort & Spa