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Area: 1,122 km2 (433 sq mi)
Created : 1934
How to get there: Kigali International Airport (KGL), about 10km/6mi from the capital, Kigali, will be the entry point into the country. Akagera NP is located in the east of the country, 120km/75mi from Kigali. The drive takes about 2½ hours. Akagera is commonly visited as part of a 4×4 tour of the country, including a driver-guide.
What to do there: Game Drives in Akagera National Park, Boat Trips in Akagera, Birding activities in Akagera National Park, Fishing activities in Akagera national park, Hiking and Guided Nature Walks, Community Cultural Experiences in Akagera National Park, Behind the Scenes in Akagera national park.


Akagera National Park is a endangered area in eastern Rwanda covering 1,122 km2 (433 sq mi) along the international border with Tanzania, which was founded in 1934 and includes savannah, montane and swamp habitats. The park is named on the Kagera River which flows along its eastern boundary. Nourishing into Lake Ihema and several smaller lakes. The complex system of lakes and linking papyrus swamps makes up over a third of the park, which is the largest protected wetland in Eastern-Central Africa.

In 1957, black rhinos were introduced from Tanzania. In the 1970s, there were more than 50 black rhinos lived in the savannah-habitat of the park. Due to widespread thieving, the population declined over the following decades, and the last confirmed sighting was in 2007. In 1986, Masai giraffes were introduced from Kenya. It has population grown to over 80 individuals in recent years. Around 1990, Akagera was known to have a population of 250 to 300 lions. In the years following the Rwandan Civil War, the entire population was killed by farmers who returned to Rwanda city after the War and settled in the park.

In 2009 the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and the African Parks Network entered into a 20-year renewable agreement for the joint management of Akagera. The Akagera Management Company was formed in 2010 as the joint management body for Akagera National Park. Over the next 5 years a $10 million expenditure was carried out in the national park area, with financial help from the Howard Buffett Foundation. The security of the national park was to be increased and to restore locally for the existing species. Security measures that were taken include: the construction of a western fence which measures 120.0 kilometres (74.6 miles).

The most suitable time for visitors is to visit Akagera National Park is during the dry summer season, which is between June to September. The climate inside the park area does not change much throughout the year, but the visitors will experience warmer temperatures due to the long dry season.