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African Honeymoon safari packages in Tanzania & East Africa | Super Game Tanzania Tours & Safaris

African Honeymoon safari in Tanzania & East Africa with Super Game Tanzania Tours & Safaris

African Honeymoon safari packages in Tanzania & East Africa | Super Game Tanzania Tours & Safaris
Be swept away by the sheer romance of an African honeymoon with luxury vacations that feature the best beach destinations and the world’s greatest wildlife reserves.

There are few adventures more unforgettable than a safari honeymoon – luxury accommodation in
spell-binding locations; discreet service and sumptuous cuisine; total privacy and exclusivity – all
wrapped in seamless, world class logistics. Indulge in candle-lit dinners for two on the beach or under
starry skies in the wilderness; make the most of your private guide for bespoke safari activities, or simply
soak up the sun at your private pool.

East Africa’s most romantic destinations offer plenty of bucket list experiences, from witnessing the wildebeest migration crossing at Tanzania’s Serengeti to gorilla trekking in Rwanda and taking
a hot-air balloon flight over Kenya’s Masai Mara and Serengeti in Tanzania.

Add to this extraordinary menu the natural wonder of Ngorongoro Crater and honeymoon packages that blend wildlife with the paradise Zanzibar.

Whatever your appetite for adventure, you’ll find inspiration in our range of Africa honeymoon tours & safaris. Start planning your honeymoon vacation with a Safari Expert today.

 Africa Diving Holiday
Diving in the Indian Ocean is an absolute pleasure: coral reefs teem with fish of every conceivable size and shape; dolphins, turtles and manta rays are often seen; and the translucent water not only makes for excellent visibility but is also wonderfully warm.

Whether you’re a dedicated bubble blower or first-time diver, spending time in this colourful underwater world is sure to be a highlight of your Africa holiday.

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